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The new comedy series premiered on May 29 of this year and has been renewed for a second season last month. Based in the United States, the lead character is Danny Burton, a single man in his 30s who is forced to see all of his friends in serious relationships.

However, when looking at his close group of friends, they all appear to have a specific quality in common: being undateable! This isn’t to say that they’re unattractive or simply repulsive, but no male or female is willing to commit to a serious relationship with them.

Final Thoughts

The show has been receiving mediocre reviews. While some enjoy the weird and unusual sense of humour, others can't help but compare the show to other popular sitcoms such as Friends and therefore being a much harsher critic. Some find the characters alluring and hilarious while others believe they deserve to be single! Have you watched any of the episodes? Are you glad it's renewed for another season?

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