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Unique Prom Looks!

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Below are a few unique prom makeup ideas to spice up the normal ideas!

Polka-Dot liner
Dust a white matte eyeshadow across the lid – this allows the eyeliner to pop. After this, get a thin felt-pen eyeliner and make a thin line and wing. Use this then to make three rows of dots above it, using the wing and liner as a guide to keep them straight.
Keep the lips simple to draw attention to the eyes more, and not over do the look.

Rainbow liner
Go bright and bold for Prom this year by using multiple electric shades to line both the top and the bottom of your lashes. For example, electric blue and electric pinks go well together and would definitely have a bright, popping look, guaranteed to make you stand out.
Just remember to use colours that will match the rest of your outfit and most importantly, the dress of course!

Pastel wing
Play on the classic, big, bold wing look, but instead of using a normal black or brown to create the flick and wing, use a pastel colour, such as a pale power blue, or baby pink from your inner eye to the end of the wing. The bigger the wing, the more of the dramatic look you will achieve.
Depending on your preference, this can be done with a pale, natural lip, or a bold lip, such as a bright red.

Final Thoughts

It's definitely time to be creative for prom and shake things up a little! Don't just stick to your normal style. You get dressed up with your clothes so why not be a little different with your make up! Most of these can be done with standard makeup you can pick up from a drugstore or things you already own! So get creative and crazy!

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