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Valentine’s Day Nails: Love Note

What you’ll need:

-Hot pink nail polish.
-White nail polish.
-Hot pink glitter nail polish.
-Black & white nail stripers.
-A toothpick and a bobbypin.
-Base & top coat.


Apply base coat to all nails.

Middle Finger (Heart Envelope): Paint the finger white. Take your bobbypin and dip it in the hot pink polish, make 2 dots in the center of the finger. Take your tooth pick with some hot pink polish and drag the color down from the 2 dots to make a heart shape.

Take the black striper and make a diagonal line form the top-side of each side of the heart. Then make 2 more on either side to make an envelope flap.

Index Finger (XOXO): Paint the finger with hot pink polish. Starting from the left, take your white striper and make an X, then make another X diagonal from the other one.

On the side of the X’s you painted, repeat the steps you took to make the hot pink heart on your middle finger except use white polish.

Ring Finger (Pink glitter): Paint the finger with hot pink polish. Then taking your hot pink glitter polish paint over the pink (once dry).

Thumb & Pinky Finger (Tiny heart): Paint both fingers with white polish. Dip your toothpick in your hot pink polish and draw a small heart on the bottom-right corner on each nail.

Apply your top coat.

Watch the full video here!

Final Thoughts

Such a cute nail look, with some practice I think most could accomplish this!

Overall Score 4.8
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