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Valentine’s Day Ribbon Wreath

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This wreath is so cute and super easy to make.

.>/b>Foam wreath
.Ribbon and ric-rac in various widths and in colors that match your theme
.One wide ribbon 1 to 2 yards long, for hanging wreath.
.Straight pins or hot glue to secure ribbon to wreath.

Note: the heart wreath in the middle was purchased already made up.

1.Pin or glue the end of the wider ribbon to the back of the wreath leaving gaps in between passes. When you have gone all around the wreath, pin or glue the ribbon in place on the back of the foam and cut off excess ribbon.

2.Fill the gaps in the rest of our ribbon and ric-rac. To make it easier and to help conserve the ribbon, you can cut pieces. Doing it this way also allows you to space the ribbon as you choose.

Final thoughts: This is a pretty simple wreath to make for beginners. It takes less than an hour to complete and it will look great on your front door!!

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