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Valentine’s Guild News

Congratulations to the Immortal Elegance guild for being Guild of the Month and Congratulations to the Golden Girls for being Featured Guild of the Month.

It’s another season of Survivor.

This season there are 8 guilds participating in Survivor.

What is Guild Survivor?
Each guild can choose one guild member to represent their guild in “Survivor”. Guild Survivor is one month long. And during that month the representative of each guild can do activities for example contests, GOC and so much more other activities.
And by doing all of this they will earn points. The members with the lowest post will be eliminated each week. The last person standing wins and is the ultimate Survivor.

Want more information about Guild Survivor? Simply click here.

The guilds and their members participating in Survivor are:
Vergina from the Bela and Mode guild
swish from the Immortal Elegance guild
ladyinpink from the DUC Fab guild
satindoll317 from the Battling Bombshells guild
sl2011 from the Amazing Beauties guild
mariab from the Paperdollz guild
CadyJean from the Devoted Stars guild
sista from the Hippie Sistas guild

So are you or your guild participating in this season of Guild Survivor? Comment right down below.

In other guild news the Amazing Beauties Guild are hosting an “It’s Just a Love Song Contest”

What’s the contest about?
All you have to do is choose a love song of your choice and wear something inspired by that love song, but there’s a catch you must wear 7 items from the Amazing Beauties members shop. There will be a list given.

Do you want more information about this contest? Simply click here.

Did you participate in this contest? What did you think?

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  1. vergina

    This is my first time ever participating in Guild Survivor. It’s hard work, but I love it! I love participating in GOC’s, but I’m usually too lazy to put an outfit together every day, but Survivor gives me just that extra motivation 😛 maybe I’ll enter more GOC’s after Survivor as well 😉
    Good luck to everyone who is still in Survivor and may the best diva win! 😉

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