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Almost five years ago, Vasordiel from Spain had joined Diva Chix, enjoying her time on the main site as well as on the forums. She has become one of the forum moderators and is helping the Diva Chix community grow.

She loves to read, write and listen to music in her spare time. Also, she is designing and has marvellous and simply beautiful CYO in her shop, Animal Instinct. She is part of the Immortal Elegance guild, and sits at a rank of 271 at the time this article was written.

Thank you for being part of our Diva Chix community, Eneritz!

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  1. jennamazingg

    Omg, I’m completely obsessed with her designs. I was actually just wearing an oldie(but goodie) of hers yesterday!!! I only wish she designed more for the site, but I’m positive that she’s pretty busy! 😛 I LOVE being able to participate in a season of Divamour though, with designers, such as Vasordiel, whose work I’ve admired for sssoooo long. <3

  2. vasordiel

    Awww Jenna! <3 I wish I had more time to design too. I spend quite a few hours on the computer every day for uni and work, so most days when I get home and want to relax I just can't spend any more time focusing on the screen as much as designing requires 🙁
    Thanks for your sweet comment, Jenna! That meant a lot to me 😀 You're a great designer yourself and just keep getting better and better.

    Well, thanks for featuring me, that was totally unexpected! Keep up the good work, Pulse Team! <3

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