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VO5 Hair Oil

I rarely change/add products to my beauty regime but VO5 hair oil made its way to the top of my list straight away!

VO5 hair oil helps treat dry and damaged hair to make it look normal again. A small application removes split ends and it makes hair come back to life if, like me, you damage your hair a lot through blow drying/curling tongs and hair straighteners. Whilst there are instructions on the back of the bottle, I have tried and tested two ways of successfully applying it.

If you have dead, split or dry ends on your hair, simply gather all your hair together, put some of the oil in the palm of your hand and rub it through the ends of your hair.

If all of your hair is dry, I recommend getting a jug of warm water, adding 2/3 drops of the oil and then pouring it over your hair.

Both of these methods of application should be done after you have used shampoo in your hair but before you have used your conditioner. Leave to soak in for 2/3 minutes if possible and then rinse.

The results of this have been amazing! It doesn’t make my hair greasy which was a main concern and it makes the ends of my hair look like they have just been cut. I normally do this around 1/2 times a week and you can purchase this product in Superdrug, Boots and most supermarkets for around £6. They are available to purchase in 4 small tubes or one larger bottle.

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