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We Were Liars

Written by E. Lockhart, this is a novel about an intelligent young girl who suffered an accident leading to many missing memories. Along with “the liars” as she refers to her cousins and her main love interest, they spend time at her grandfather’s island where the incident had taken place years prior. They believe that the island where she had gone through the unfortunate incident will help bring back the memories of what happened.

The events leading up to the ending have been kept quiet in an attempt to keep to the title of the story: lying whenever someone asks. The mystery over the story and the supposed unexpected ending is driving readers mad, forcing them to get themselves a copy of the book and find out what happens.

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Although, despite the excitement towards the story, there have been negative reviews claiming the story was too short. Even though there are stories that can be short yet powerful, the story might fall flat if the characters are not developed properly to allow the reader to feel connected towards them and feel the urge to follow their story. However, Lockhart's eloquent writing might be enough to want you to keep reading. Have you read the story? Is the anticipation worth it?

Overall Score 4.6
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