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What’s New with Donald Trump

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The last time a campaign for the USA’s presidency made a lot of buzz worldwide was when Obama was running. He would be the first Black president, ever. But this time around with the run for presidency, it is making a buzz but for all the wrong reasons: Donald Trump.

Many are viewing his campaign as a complete clown show, even though saying that would be a complete insult for clowns. From the beginning of his running for presidency, all he has managed to do was to get bad press by insulting immigrants from Mexico by saying “…They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists.” He has went on to keep insulting others, including a female reporter on national television.

But the latest news on him is the petition to ban Donald Trump from the UK. This has already passed half a million signatures. This came after he offended Muslims who lives in the country and also said that the United State of America should not allow any Muslim people to enter the country. I understand war on terror, but war on religion?

As a nominee, he’s a disaster. His campaign is too heavily based on hatred, and if he ever becomes president, God help US. Every time he opens his mouth I can’t help but to see a Hitler rising. You might find my comparison too strong, but it is not. His choices of words say it all.

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