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When Love Turns Deadly

Love is a wonderful thing that as a species we crave and need as part of our lives. However, sometimes, love goes too far, and people do insane things for the people they love. Below is a list of five women who murdered people they loved, or for the people they love.

  1. “J.R” was a 12 year old girl, dating a 23-year-old boy, whom her parents didn’t approve of. The couple brutally slaughtered her parents and brother, Marc, Debra and Jacob Richardson, so they could run off together. J.R. was given a ten-year sentence and was released in August 2016 due to being a minor.
  2. Lisa Lambert was dating a man named Lawrence who had raped 16-year-old Laurie Show. Lisa was furious about this event. Instead of blaming her boyfriend, Lisa blamed the victim, Laurie. Lisa became obsessed and stalked Laurie. Lisa set a trap to lure Laurie’s mother out of the house, so she could stab Laurie, murdering her in her own bedroom. Lisa was found guilty of murder and was sentenced to life in prison.
  3. Rachel Wade and Sarah Ludemann both meet the same boy online, and started fighting online for this man. Although, that is not where the fight stayed. Sarah took one large risk by confronting Rachel. However, Rachel was ready and had a knife. She ended up killing Sarah during the fight. Rachel is serving a 27-year sentence for killing Sarah.
  4. Omaima Nelson was a nanny and a model; however, she also had a habit of manipulating men. She started seducing older men when she was a young woman. She would then use this manipulation to rob them. When Omaima is twenty-three, she meets Bill Nelson who was fifty-six at the time. They marry soon after. Instead of simply robbing her new husband, she murders him. Sadly, she that was not the end. Omaima, goes on to dismember and consume her husband’s dead body. Omaima was only convicted of second-degree murder and was sentenced to twenty-seven years in prison. Omaima was up for parole in 2011, however, it was denied.
  5. Diana Haun was always a shy woman, causing her to be unlucky in love. Diana begins a hot, affair with Michael Dally. Michael was married, despite him cheating on her countless times, his wife Sherri refused to give him up. Sherri threatened Diana with physical harm in order to win her husband back. Diana and Michael planned Sherri’s murder together and called it a “human sacrifice” for Michael’s birthday. In May, Diana kidnaps Sheri and stabs her to death. Both Diana and Michael are serving life sentences without the possibility of parole.

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