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When We First Met

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The movie starts with a scene where you think you know what is happening, but it’s not and that’s where the funny part begins. And you will know that his film is funny and want to watch it till the end.

It’s a story about a man who got lovesick for the one and only woman he thinks he fell in love with these past three years. But to only find that the girl he loves is engaged with another man, who is a more handsome man than he is.

He then goes to a photo booth, where it happens to be a magic photo booth that can bring him back in time. He repeatedly travels back in time to try to change his fate to be with the girl he loves.

But fate has something different in store and the ending is something you cannot think of for this kind
of movie. It’s funny, emotional, and refreshing.

Final Thoughts

Must watch!

Overall Score 4.3
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