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Which Crimes Spike Over Christmas? And mostly, why?!

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Christmas is a time for celebration and happiness, for some. Others take advantage of the good nature and the holiday season or get carried away with the festivities and end up committing crimes they may or may not usually do. Are the crimes below ones which you expected to rise over the season or is there another crime you thought would be on the top 3 list and isn’t? Let us know in the comments below!

Drink driving
As could be expected, with the increase in parties and alcohol available, it is not a surprise that drink driving is high on this list. Police around the world run campaigns this time of the year to try and remind people it doesn’t matter how little you have had to drink, your driving can still be impaired. Many people seem untroubled about breaking this law in and around the month of December, but remember, it’s just not worth it!

Domestic abuse

There are plenty of factors that could trigger abuse within the home most of the year – especially around Christmas. An example is the stress of the holiday season, and family stressors can all contribute to an attack. It doesn’t help with the increased alcohol and drugs which people may encounter when at parties or while celebrating.

Sandra Horley CBE, chief executive of domestic abuse charity Refuge, said: “It can often be very difficult for a woman experiencing domestic violence to access support during the festive period – a period when her abusive partner may be spending more time at home and monitoring her behaviour more closely than ever.”

Burglary is a very unsettling crime, somehow worsened at Christmas time, and upsetting at how common it is.The possible reason for this crime being on the increase around the holidays is that all the brand new items are on display or at a Christmas tree with all the presents under it. A burglary can well and truly ruin a whole family’s Christmas. Burglars usually try to take smaller, easy to carry things, so try not to leave things such as laptops or keys in the display of windows and doorways, especially when you leave the house.

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