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Who Do You Love

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I am not one to generally read purely romantic novels. The romance aspect is rarely something I gravitate towards when choosing a novel. When I decided to read this, it was both because Goodreads had an advertisement for it, but also because I thought I may as well give it a shot! The ratings were not too bad and the plot sounded intriguing, so why not.

The story introduces us to the two protagonists, Andy and Rachel. They met together at a young age in a hospital where Andy has come in because he broke his arm while Rachel has a congenital heart defect. From here on out, they continually find themselves randomly or purposely meeting up with each other. Each event is dramatic as the next, contributing to the ups and downs of their on and off again relationship.

Not that I’m purely pessimistic, but I found both characters just intolerable. I could not root for either of them because of their selfish desires and avoidable mistakes. As much as they seemed to long for each other, they did not seem to put much effort into their relationship resulting in a lot of conflicts that ended up in bad breakups. On top of that, the pace of the story was slow. The ending was predictable and there was nothing that made me want to keep reading than for the purpose of finally finishing the book.

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Unlikeable characters and anti-climatic but with a sweet ending if that’s something you enjoy!

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