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Willow and Jaden Smith: “School is depressing”

Interesting words were spoken from Will Smith’s youngest two children. Apparently, they are not a big fan of “normal” school.

When asked to voice their opinion about education, they both came to an agreement that school is supposedly not worth it at all. They claim that school itself is the reason why we grow up as teens with so much angst. According to them, school does not teach us anything useful, but instead is the key reason we as students are so tired all of the time. Jaden then goes on to support his argument through the existence of car accidents. He tries to reason that despite the availability of driver’s education classes, there are still car accidents.

I personally found this absurd and quite frankly, ignorant. Firstly, yes, it’s not mandatory for everyone to go to school and people definitely have the choice of pursuing an education. However, to claim that we learn nothing? Other than the subject matter we’re taught (e.g. basic mathematical skills, significant historical events and literacy), an educational environment is a place of learning other basic, necessary skills.

Schooling provides you a place to develop social skills, an opportunity for you to extend your thinking, the ability to act on your curiosity and express yourself. Not to mention that those feelings of angst are what inevitably teenagers will definitely go through at that age.

Yes, school can be a challenging period, but the end result can be worth it. Can’t having a job itself be tiring? What about his reasoning that there’s no point in attending driver’s education if there are car accidents? Yes, there are car accidents caused by incompetent drivers, but that does not mean you just give up on your own ability to drive well and safely. To state that there is no point in learning how to drive at all is ridiculous. There is no one way to live life in a way that will pose no consequences.

Also, unfortunately unlike some, we cannot depend on an external money source alone to get us through life. Especially now, an education is becoming more and more important.

What is your opinion on their statements? Do you think this is a wise message to send out, especially regarding who their primary audience might be and how condescending it may appear?

8 Comments on Willow and Jaden Smith: “School is depressing”

  1. madcarlie

    Perhaps they don’t have a concept of how “depressing” it is to not have a well paying job. Having great wealth and connections to fall back on may cloud their perception of the value of education. I could be wrong.

  2. bittey

    I fear this statement by Willow and Jaden shows how young and immature they are. Their freedom to work and perform may not have served them well. Don’t criticize them too much, in time they will probably see the value of school and education more favorably.

  3. sl2011

    I think they are like any other kids most kids hate school rich or poor especially teens. People should not look at them as role models because they are rich or because the are famous entertainers. That Is a mistake a lot of people make. What was said is based on how young he is and he gave his opinion and we are all entitled to it even teenagers.

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