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Windows 10

In the last month, Microsoft introduced their latest version of Windows to the world. Windows 10 claims to be better then past updates, but then again they always say that.

With this upgrade Windows offered a free installation to qualifying computers. A lot of people took advantage of the chance and upgraded to technically be Microsoft’s’ test subjects. Why do I say it that way? Because, nothing rarely comes out and has no bugs. It is up to the consumers to find them and report them. But, it is awesome to do when it comes at everybody’s favorite price of free.

Since the launch on July 29th people have raved about this upgrade saying Windows actually listened to their customers and fixed the issues they had with Windows 8. The familiar start menu is back! They also made their newest system better for 2 in 1 laptops and a lot more touch screen friendly. The new layout is designed to be either a laptop or a tablet and is easy to use either way.

So, have any of you tried the new Windows yet? And, if so, what is your honest opinion on their latest upgrade?

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