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Winter Wonderland 2015!

Winter Wonderland (WW) has started! This is a team based competition, usually people are split up in 2 teams and have certain activities to complete in a specific amount of time.

If you didn’t get to enter this time, head over to the WW forum and see what you can participate in NEXT time. If you are a part of it this time around, I hope you all are having fun! I know I am!

How this works is, there is a list of activities and the only description listed is how long you have to complete it. Once your team has agreed on an activity to do, you request it and the staff in charge will post a better description of the activity, along with how long your team has to do it. Your team has to complete 10 activities first to “build your whole snowman,” or win the competition!

You can go HERE to see what the teams have done so far and to get a better idea of how everything works!

I hope who all are participating are loving it and whoever didn’t get a chance to, will join in on the fun next time!

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