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Witchy Woman Wardrobe Spotlighted!

Lots of things were happening all around Diva Chix during the month of August. From the forum to the main site, the members had plenty to keep them entertained. But what really caught my attention and interest was this one particular event that has been happening periodically at Witchy Woman Wardrobe, which I found to be news worthy.

For the few who don’t know, Witchy Woman Wardrobe, is a user shop belonging to DC’s member Jocelyn a.k.a. Hippie_Chick whose shop was created on January 14, 2011. During the 2013 Shop & Designers Superlatives, her shop was voted Best Overall Shop and kept the title for year of 2014 during which time, she also won Most Advertised shop. But this is not what has me interested in this particular shop. Is her seasonal free items she gifts to all her shoppers. Yes, you heard right, free!

This month, her shop is celebrating the new school year by giving us the opportunity to acquire school inspired ensembles, free of charge, for a limited time period. For a few weeks now, she has been releasing one or two items at a time, from a specific collection which are free until the next day, when another item is release. She started this special event with the release of Haute Hippie Fall 2015 Series, The Pearl Jam Collection and once she was done with it she started on the next collection titled The Stonegarden Collection.

Her kindness has placed a big smile on the faces of many Diva Chix members who are very grateful for these gifts, especially those who can’t afford buying items for their divas as often as they would like to.

From the many of us, Jocelyn, a big thank you for all you’ve been doing. Thank you!

4 Comments on Witchy Woman Wardrobe Spotlighted!

  1. hippie_chick

    Thank you so much for your kind comments in the article! I really love doing my FREEBIE promotionals! I could never do it though without the FABULOUS designs by the many designers on DC and DC staff! Many thanks to all of you for helping make my promotions a success! Special kudos to helga and ninah for the designs in my Back to School Collections- Pearl Jam, Stonegarden, and Alice in Chains (releasing beginning 8/30)! Also, thanks to all those who bid on my forum auctions- I use the moolah and coins in those auctions to sponsor my FREEBIE give-aways! I could never do them without you! And of course-Love and hugs to all my shoppers- you help make my shop a huge success!!

  2. hada_sonadora

    Congratulations Jocelyn. You are a very generous shop owner and your a amazing friend.
    I can’t thank you enough for all that you do for all of us here on DC.
    And thank you to all the amazing designers for all the amazing designs that we are able to get from hippie_chick’s store.
    Thank you helga, molly, ninah etc. you all do a amazing job.

  3. PurpleRose22

    I have to admit, I have gone broke thanks to hippie_chick!! Even with all of her fabulous freebies (which I do have a few), I cannot seem to stay away from her so for long! Well done love, you are an amazing designer!

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