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Women Warriors

We, the Women Warriors, fully believe that DC is all about having fun! Our guild does it’s best to be understanding that real life comes first, and playing DC comes second. We are a pretty easy going group of people, who spend some of our free time designing unique styles on our beautiful divas. Because we only play for fun, we do not feel the pressure of contributing in tasks that we do not enjoy doing. We contribute as much as we can, to the tasks that are fun for us!

Women Warriors has been an active guild for approximately eleven months, and together we have already had so much success! Because of our active members, we have collected several trophies and continue to vigorously move up in rank. We all do our best to help out with the guild, and each other. We are generous, caring, and supportive people. Those sisters who are in need, will receive help! We gift each other, we get to know each other, and we have fun together!

We are united as one, enjoying this wonderful game that we get to play together. We all look forward to many more years with each other as we work towards our common goal of having fun fun fun!

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