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Yarn Ball Bookmark

Image credit: Design Mom

. Yarn
. Scissors
. Pencil
. Thin cardboard (a cereal box will do)

Step 1. Cut and set aside a 8-10 inch and 15 inch piece of yarn.
Step 2. Get a round object with the diameters you want, and trace it on the cardboard. Create two circles.
Step 3. Now trace small circles inside each of the big ones.
Step 4. Put the two circles together and start winding the yarn, tightly, around them until you can no longer pass the yarn through the middle.
Step 5. Grab the scissors and insert it on the wider side between the two pieces of cardboard, and start cutting around that egde.
Step 6. Once you are done, carefully tie the 8-10 inch piece of yarn around the middle tightly. Give it a few tight knots before cutting off the excess.
Step 7. Get the 15 inch piece of yarn and tie it to the other piece you just tied around the loop. This is the tail for the bookmark.
Step 8. Carefully remove the cardboard circles and then fluff the pom pom.
Step 9. Trim any piece of yarn in excess so you can have a nicely round circle.

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