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Zendaya & Giuliana Rancic Controversy

Not sure if any of you watch the show Fashion Police, but for those you who don’t, this talk show is about its’ hosts telling viewers their opinions of what celebrities wore on the Red Carpet, to their day by day lives.

Personally, I do not follow the show because in my opinion, they are extremely rude with the way they give their opinions. Instead of professional criticisms, they simply insult celebrities they think were a ‘miss’ on the Red Carpet.

Their latest comment got the show, and the host Giuliana Rancic, in a big controversy when she said that the 18 year old singer and actress Zendaya’s dreadlocks smell like a patchouli oil.

Lots of people took it as an offense to all who have dreadlocks, and even as a racist comment. To me this is expected from this show, so I wasn’t really surprised when this happened. Guiliana has since apologized but some people are not letting this go.

What is your take on this? Comment below to share your opinion either about the comment made by Guiliana or the show.

3 Comments on Zendaya & Giuliana Rancic Controversy

  1. madcarlie

    I didn’t see it so I don’t know how it was said…….but I see where some would think it was joking around, like seeing a picture of me and saying her hair probably smells like COFFEE! I would think that was hilarious! ; ) Also, Giuliana isn’t really know as a comedienne, like Joan was, Joan could say anything and people would just know it was a joke or just poking fun. Joan has said things like this, and some worse, and no one was offended.

  2. hada_sonadora

    I watch fashion police often and I have to say that sometimes I love the jokes and sometimes I think they get carried away with the jokes.
    I don’t think it was necesarly Giuliana intension to be racist with that comment, but I think it’s how she said it that made it sound racist.
    I think that after Giuliana apoligized everyone should just let it go. And if Zendaya accepted Giulana’s apology then I think we all should too.
    We are all grown ups and everyone makes mistakes.
    And like Madcarlie just said Joan also said some less and worse before and no one took it this far.
    So why should we now start.
    Did it sound racist yes it did, but if she meant it or not that is up to her.
    did she really mean the apology or not that’s also up to her.
    We are no one to judge one another.
    That is up to God to do not us.

  3. Bittey

    In what world would it be OK or funny to say someone’s hair has a less than pleasant smell?. There are Some things you just don’t joke about. I have a problem with comedians who use humor to embarrass or humiliate someone. It took me decades to forgive Joan for the horrible and mean things she said about Elizabeth Taylor. She made fat joke after fat joke about Elizabeth Taylor and it even hurt me and I was a child at the time.

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